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Open Water Training, Endurance Swimming - Triathlon Training, Boston Massachusetts

Our Programs...

What we offer...

Speed... Technique... Endurance... Explosiveness... every athlete wishes they had more of it. Most athletes do. They just haven't been taught how to maximize their ability and potential. That's where Endurance Swimming comes in.

Members of the Endurance Athlete Program can expect Greater Efficiency, Improved Efficiency, Better Stroke Mechanics, Faster Swim Times, Optimal Power in the Water, Comfort When Swimming in the Open Water, Better Sighting Skills, Comfort with Mass Starts and Pack Swimming, along with a Razor Sharp Swimming Pace.

Our training programs are custom designed to maximize your ability... at your level. We have over 10 years of experience training athletes with different goals. Our Members range from Beginners to Olympians. We train athletes at their own pace with a primary focus on making them better.

We offer Three (3) key training experiences...

1. Team Environment
Intense "Race-Like" experience with instruction from trained professionals at our facility.
Price: $150 per month or $20 Drop-in (single session)


  • Evaluation of Swim Stroke and Swim Mechanics.
  • Mass Start Techniques.
  • Pack Swimming Techniques.
  • Learn Efficient Swim Race Techniques like Drafting and Sighting.
  • Tools to Lower Anxiety Levels.
  • Train with Fellow Competitors.
  • Supplemental Dryland and Weight Programs.

2. Private Environment
Semi Private instruction from two to four athletes at the facility of your choice.
Call or E-mail for Pricing


  • Evaluation of Swim Stroke and Swim Mechanics.
  • Individualized Drills Based on Specific Problem Areas.
  • Learn Efficient Swim Technique.
  • Increase Speed in the Water with Less Effort.
  • Gain knowledge of Triathlon and Open Water Specific Swim Skills: Drafting, Turn buoys, Pack Swimming, Starts, and Exits.

3. Online Coaching
Effective Training Regimes and Virtual Coaching from our Experienced Staff.
Price: $100 per month


  • Phone Consultations to Understand the Personal Goals of each Athlete.
  • The Development and Implementation of an Individual Training Plan.
  • Customized Weekly Exercise Regimes (which include pool and open water training techniques).
  • Unlimited E-mail Contact to Our Coaching Staff.
  • Weekly (check-in) Phone Discussions with Our Training Personnel to Ensure Effectiveness of Regime.
  • Video Analysis of Stroke (video provided by the swimmer) (additional fee’s may be required for Video Analysis).
  • Race Preparation Strategy Tips (provided during race week / leading to race day).


Would you like to be part of our program?
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Your stroke is recorded from several different
angles (under and on top of the water).

Full Stroke Analysis (on site) and training drills are
incorporated to address major problem areas.

Written analysis of your stroke along with an
explanation of problem areas is supplied
Endurance Swimming offers a yearly program for
those interested in experiencing the "Total Triathlon

Preseason Sessions start in December and the
program runs through October.