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Open Water Training, Endurance Swimming - Triathlon Training, Boston Massachusetts


Janda Ricci-Munn
Professional Triathlete
and Coach

"As a pro/elite long course triathlete and full time multisport coach, I have a keen appreciation for the importance that efficiency plays when it comes to preparing for competition. Unfortunately, far too many endurance athletes fail to realize that effective training does not necessarily mean putting their heads down and pushing as hard as possible day in, day out, especially when it comes to swimming.

As someone who does not come from a swimming background, I'm well aware of just how important proper technique is when it comes to improving your abilities in the water. For years, I suffered through countless hours of masters and solo swim sessions. My best efforts failed to yield much in the line of improvement when competition rolled around, and, by the fall of 2009, I had all but given up on my quest to improve as a swimmer. I figured that I would forever be known as that guy who could "only" bike and run.

Enter Craig Lewin and the North Shore Swim Club.

In the 3 months or so that I've began working with Craig, I have already improved my swim performances by roughly 10%. Craig's expertise and constant feedback has slowly but surely allowed me to overhaul my swim stroke and become a much more efficient and faster swimmer. Although I will admit that his practices are anything but easy, I have complete confidence in Craig's approach and am actually excited about what the future holds in store for my swim performances as I move forward with the rest of the '09 season and for many seasons to come.

I would highly recommend Craig and the North Shore Swim Club to any serious athlete who's really looking to improve in the water. You'll be hard pressed to find a swim coach of his caliber in the Boston area."

"As a lifelong swimmer, I hadn't seen a significant reduction in my swim times for years despite continued hard work in the pool. In just a few months of work with Craig, I've seen my mile open water swim time drop 45 seconds. I was certain I'd need to swim every day to see those gains, but with Craig we've done it on just 3 swims per week."

Dean Phillips
Professional Triathlete and Co-Owner of Fitwerx
"As someone totally new to swimming aiming to become competitive in the triathlon, the program has been just what I needed. Craig took the time to break everything down and teach correct technique first, which made me comfortable going into the sessions. The workouts are individualized, but it's been great to have other people to push me."

Crystal Anthony
Elite Runner and Triathlete
If you want to learn how to swim for preventing or healing injuries, fitness, and or performance indoor or open water Craig Lewin's services are ideal for any level individual. Craig takes the technique of swimming and breaks it down per individual while working on the athlete's limiting factors in the water. In doing so, each individual can become a complete swimmer and then apply it to their goals. Craig also possesses an excellent deck side manner while working with his swimmers. No matter what your level, he has the ability to see the whole pool when coaching a group swim. In essence, you feel as though you are in a semi-private lesson. I have been in the Fitness Field for over 18 years working with many types of personalities and I see what makes a great coach, and program. I can say this is the best swim instruction I have had in my years as a triathlete. In order to really get fast in the water and have fun doing it, do not hesitate and wait any longer.

Franco Zuccoli
Fitness Engineer & Elite Amateur Triathlete
I love swimming with Craig's program. He's easy and comfortable to work with, he gives personal attention and constant technique feedback throughout practice, and he takes your racing/training schedule into account and will modify your workout as needed. Practices really push my limits in the water and force me to do the technique drills I neglect on my own. In one season, I not only dropped several minutes from my race times, I was also coming out of the water with so much more energy. And no more shoulder problems!

Amanda Russell
Triathlete and Triathlon Coach
On October 4, 2011 I attempted to swim the English Channel and failed. I rescheduled for August 9-11 of 2012. This would be my third attempt at getting across the Channel. In September 2011 I didn't even get an opportunity to get into the water due to weather conditions. I had to make the most of this third opportunity. I needed a team to go to England with and the key player had to be my swimming coach/training partner, someone who could keep me on track and focused. That person turned out to be Craig Lewin. Someone I trust suggested I use Craig and I also knew Craig swam one of the fastest Boston Light Swims in history. In just the right way he corrected my swimming form where I needed it, not overhauling my whole technique. He kept me positive and kept the workouts tough but lighthearted. He held me back from overtraining and pushed me to improve. Although much faster and a better swimmer than me, he never set out to prove it. Two people working together in training for one purpose: to get me from England to France. On August 12, 2012 our team went to England. With Craig coaching from the boat and swimming along with me in the English Channel, I made it to France from England in 15 hours and 37 minutes.

Kim Garbarino
English Channel Swimmer
I have been working with Craig on my swim for about 9 months. I thought I was a pretty good swimmer before I met Craig, but he has totally refined my stroke and form. I thought it would be a traumatic experience but Craig broke it down into small parts that he made simple to learn. I now feel stronger and more confident in my swim and my quarter mile time has dropped by over a minute as well have my longer distances. I highly recommend Craig-he is a great coach. He's done it so he knows how to teach it.

Paul Capuzziello
I am an 'age grouper' who started with Craig about 9 months before bumping up to an Ironman distance race. Craig helped me considerably. If you are willing to put in the effort and be pushed, there is no better expenditure of time and money to improve your swimming. Not only did I improve my stroke and speed, I greatly enhanced my cardiovascular capacity which helped me with my running.

Tim Clarke
Ironman Lake Placid Finisher
As a beginner triathlete, Craig has been a tremendous asset for helping me become a faster and more efficient swimmer. His ability to breakdown the swim stroke and make form corrections is excellent. His coaching has helped me shave time off my race swims, allowing me to reach the awards podium in the 45-49 age bracket. Thanks Craig!

Regina Chambers
Working with Craig has made tremendous improvements in my swim! Craig started coaching me shortly before my last Ironman and I credit him with my new swim PR in some very difficult swim conditions in Florida.

Craig is incredibly easy to work with and explains things in a way that is very easy to understand. He responds immediately to any questions and concerns that I have and is very easily accessible.

I am very much looking forward to the 2010 season and expect all of our hard work in the pool to pay off. I can't thank him enough for all the help that he's given me.

Maris DiTolla
Craig is great swim coach. He knows how to break it down into all the relevant parts and pieces. He helped me fix the little things that make a big difference, and even got me to use my legs (a bit)!! He made swimming and swim training a lot more digestible for me and he helped me prepare for several key sprint triathlons. He also made it fun - I actually looked forward to the workouts. It was also a great way for me to recover from the Boston Marathon. Mostly, Craig cares a ton - he wants me to swim well and his steadfast belief in me helped me to believe in myself. He made it so that on one Saturday evening I could decide on the spur of the moment to do a triathlon the next morning and turn in a decent time.

Anca can Assendelft
Beginner Triathlete